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Research About Healthy Eating

Carbohydrates are energy providing macro-nutrients which turns into glucose(sugar). It is our body's first choice of energy. We need carbohydrates to perform any physical and daily activities. During physical activities our body repeatedly goes through the glycolysis process where our body turns glucose into pyruvate(provides energy to cells) to generate high energy compounds known as ATP. Our body goes through this process from up to 45 seconds to 3 minutes during physical activities which results into fatigue from then on we will either need to rest or our body will tap into other fuel resources to provide energy.

Glucose : our body's first choice of energy sources. Excess glucose is stored in form of glycogen ( molecules of glucose chained together). There's a limit to how much it can be stored about (500 to 1200 grams) all other excess glucose is than modified into fat.

Why are carbohydrates important?

Human body needs carbohydrates to provide energy to power through any type of physical activities. Without carbohydrates our body might even break down muscles in order to gee energy that it needs in the regular basis to function.

There are good carbs and bad carbs

Good Carbohydrates: Usually have lots of fiber are unrefined and are closer to their natural state for example vegetables, brown rice, fruits, wheat bread etc. Due to the high fiber contain in these food it takes longer time to digest therefore making you more full and consume fewer calories.

Bad Carbohydrates: these types of food are highly processed doesn't contain that much fiber or vitamins some examples of these food are cakes, cookies, fast food etc. Its easy to digest these types of foods therefore the calories intake is higher.

How carbs help you to achieve your body goals.

Stronger: consume carbs before
To get stronger consuming carbs before the workout will help you get energy for your workout.
Endurance activities: best if taken after will help you replenish glycogen levels.
Loosing weight: eating carbs containing fibre and protein will help bring down the calories intake.

Calories are units of energy. It is a measure of potential energy stored in the chemical bonds within the food that we eat. The energy is later extracted by our body through digestion. Calories are used by our body to perform daily activities.
We get calories from 3 macro nutrients
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein

How many Calories an individual needs per day depends on the height, weight, age , gender and activity level of a person.
  • BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate) : daily need of calories for your body to function.
  • TEF ( Thermic Effect Of Food)
  • PA ( Physical Activities)

To measure the BMR
BMR = (10 * weight kg) + (6.25 * height in cm) - (5* age in years) + s( 5 for male and -161 for female)

Loosing weight
Calories that your body use per day
If calories intake = Calories out results in staying the same weight.
Calories intake > Calories out results in weight gain

Calories intake < Calories out results in weight loss

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