Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Food Research and thumbnails

Sweet Potato (Good Carb)
Originated In
Central america or south america
Tropical vegetable (type of clothing the character will be wearing)
Grows in hot summer

Ring Shaped Doughnuts (Bad Carb)
Originated in 1847
America by Hanson Gregory Ship captain from Rockport, Maine

Monday, 25 September 2017

Project Idea 2 Minor/major Project

Project Ideas
Character Design
Personification of different alcohol and the types of drunk personality it creates.
Design characters based on alcohol, behaviors and personality
I researched into the stereotypical behaviors of the type of drunk different types of alcohol makes you.

Beer Drinker:
Tequila Drinker:
"Tequila shots are what you do ONLY when you're already so drunk you can no longer experience pain.""Or when someone else is buying."
 luxurious mature
Whiskey Drinker:
 Whisky makes you frisky "Whiskey is good for being productive-artist sad."
"Whiskey sodas are for bar fights."
"Whiskey sours are ordered by underage drinkers 100% of the time."
"Whiskey sours and Amaretto sours are your first cocktails ever."

Vodka Drinker:
College-y, says Ivy. "Bizarre." He is a most likely a grown man with a pong table in his apartment. How does that make you feel?

Project Ideas Minor/ Major Project

Project Idea
Character design for a Game.
This is one of the idea that I have for my year long project.  One of the food I had a hard time giving up while I was on a diet was Junk food and fizzy drinks and this is how I started looking at food in order to eat healthy and enjoy eating healthy foods. So I am going to make an Educational game about different type of foods and how different food effects our body in both positive and negative ways. Differentiate between a good diet and a bad diet and a healthy way of loosing weight without starving.

Free Running obstacle game
The environment for the game is going to be set on location such as gym, track and field.
Premise of the game
The main of aim on the game is to loose weight the game is going to be an obstacle race set in a gym/running track and field location where the main character is chased around the world by a giant carb and fat filled pizzas and the character has to get away from the junk food whilst dodging the obstacle around the gym and if the players gets caught by the junk food the players character in the game will slowly gaining weight. The game world also has healthy food scatter around the world which acts like a power up so if the player picks them up they get a boost depending on the type of the healthy food he consumes for example: if the players picks up good carbs like sweet potato, brown pasta or brown rice then they will get a boost of energy. If the player picks up food such as eggs, chicken breast or broccoli then they will gain muscle and strength and will be able to break through any obstacle for a short period of time but if the players pick up junk food such as fast food, packet of crisps, cakes etc. which is also around the world it will slow them down for example if the if the players consume a cake the player will get a few second of boost followed by the player being larger and slower after that. The game will also have gym equipment around the world that the players can collect to build strength.
After every stage, the character gets either stronger or weaker depending on the amount of healthy food or the junk food that is consumed in one round.

Different Stages and Mission in the game
Stage one the players must collect certain amount of healthy food scattered around the world to complete the first round. As the players progresses through the game the rounds will get more complicated with different mission to loose weight and gain strength.
Bonus stages
The cheat meal round where the character can eat a certain amount of junk food or any food in that round without gaining or loosing any weight.
Outcome of the project
Character design
·         Three body type design of the same character one lean and shredded body type, fit body type with muscles, and large body type.
·         Different foods as a character.
·         Junk food as villains
·         Calories meter on the game that will count the calories and calories burn while running.
·         Environment design
·         May be the game can have an option that allows the players to add information about height weight and the body type and generate the character and make the character loose weight.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Character Modelling Body Large Panda

Large Panda Body Modelling 

I also modelled the second characters body. 

Panda Body Modelling

Sporty Panda Body Modelling

Complete body modelling of the first character. I was kind of struggling with modelling the head of the character so I decided to model the characters body first.