Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Monday, 15 January 2018

Reflective statement

Minor Project
The minor project for me was challenging but a good learning experience. Even though I wasn't able to finish rigging my second character I enjoyed coming up with the  concept art for all the food characters and improving and cleaning them up along the way. Feedbacks from Alan and Phil helped me develop characteristics and personality for the characters. Some of the challenges that I faced during the early stages of the characters design were keeping the art style in balance. The early concept of the burger and the doughnuts characters looked like they were from a different universe than the rest of the characters. The new concepts worked much better. Learning about line works also helped me up the quality of the concept arts.

After cleaning up the characters I started modelling them. Modelling the characters took me a bit longer then expected. Since I haven’t done a lot of character modelling I made few mistakes using too many geometry on small areas of the characters later caused problems while skinning the characters.
Having lack of knowledge on the rigging, skinning and painting weights resulted in me taking more time to complete the work. Since I had lots of geometry on the shoulders of the character I had few problems while adding pose space deformers on the upper body and sculpting the character on different poses were starting to get a bit complicated and time consuming at times.
Overall I enjoyed my minor project it and I am happy with the results. I was able to learn more about character modelling, rigging skinning, painting weights and feel that my work has improved since the beginning of the minor project and having made few mistakes on the process helped me understand what not to do while modelling the next character. I feel more confident and positive moving forward to the major project. For my Major project work I would like to improve on the texturing of the characters using normal maps and create better rigs for the characters and learn facial rigging. Limit the use of too many geometries while modelling and keeping the characters clean. One of the reason I wasn't able to completely finish my doughnuts character was because of the lack of decision making on the earlier stages of the project jumping between two art styles I was making a lot of repeated work So I would  like to be better at decision maker and keep the project moving on.