Monday, 12 October 2015

Character Cards & Initial Ideas

Character Design: Initial ideas for the game. 
Character Cards :
Politics- Power/ Bureaucracy
Flight- Airborne/ Gliding
Mystery- Puzzle & Clues

Initial ideas
Idea 1: Characters : Detective
Game Idea : Plot :The President has been assassinated during one his routine flight.
Game Play : You will have the option to either choose to be a detective or the killer. The detectives objective is to catch the killer by finding clues on the plane and the presidents house and office before the killer escapes. The killers objective is to escape before getting caught.
Idea 2: Game ides : This consists of two different world Sky world which is located in the sky and the earth. Due to a lot of pollutions from the earth it has effected the sky world and is slowly destroying. The Sky people who are bird/human character  are coming down to the earth and attacking to take over the earth. The humans have to find a way to defeat them before they take over the world. The mystery in this case will be the sky people the humans have to learn about them and defeat them to survive.
In the game you can either pick human or the sky people and the objectives is based in the characters that you choose.
Characters : Bird/human from the sky world able to fly / strong
                     Human From earth has to use weapons to defeat the sky people
Idea 3:Characters: Police (investigator )
                   : Shape shifting criminals
Game : The players get to choose either the Police or the Shape shifting criminal character.  The main objective of the game is to protect the world leaders. Shape shifter character attacks the humans and takes control over their body then they use it to attack and kill the leaders . The police has to follow trails of the victims of the shape shifters in order to catch and stop them.
Idea 4:
Game Play : Multiplayer game
Open world game where you are the leader of one of the country alongside other players. The main objective of the game is to build a strong empire so that you can attack or defend your country from other players. You will have to hire citizen to do different jobs for e.g. hiring people to be in the military so they can scout the world and find out where other players are building their cities and attacking them.
Idea 5: Combat game
The world has been taken over by the evil forces and they are taking over the world by turning airborne diseases into monster characters to attack, kill humans and erase them form existence.  Teams of army are deployed to find and kill the disease character. Each team consists of soldiers with different attributes for example Engineers , Medics, Snipers etc and the players gets to choose the class that they prefer. The main objective of the game is to work as a team to destroy all the airborne disease monsters.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Maya Tutorials Lip Syncing Part 2: Jaw Bounce

Film Review "Whiplash" (2014) - A Hero's Journey

Figure.1 Whiplash Movie Poster

Directed by Damien Chazelle Whiplash is a movie about a young and talented drummer Andrew played by Miles Teller who attends a prestigious music academy Shaffer Conservatory of Music where he wants to learn from one of the most respected professor Terence Fletcher played by J.K Simmons and he knows that getting into his class is the key to achieve greatness. But when he gets into his class Andrew finds out the Terence Fletcher is someone who does not hold back on abuse towards his students he pressures them verbally, mentally, psychologically to be the best that they can be. Throughout  the movie the two form an odd relationship as Andrew wants to achieve greatness and the professor pushes him
to achieve his goals.
Figure 2 Movie Still
The call to adventure:
When Andrew is practicing drums Fletcher notices him he then ask him to play again to see if he is any good but he fails to meet is expectation this encourages him to practice more. Few days later Fletcher comes in one of Andrews lesson where he listens to him play and asks him to join his studio band. 

The refusal of the call
Being the second player and not being able to match the standard of playing that is expected from Fletcher's studio band.

Supernatural aid
Terence Fletcher the professor.

Crossing the threshold
Joining Fletcher studio band and practicing to be a better drummer. When the core drummer from the band looses his music sheet folder at the competition Andrew ends of playing the live set instead of the core drummer. 

The belly of the whale
First day in Fletcher's class and him being the only new member of the studio band and among musicians that are highly skilled.

Road of trials
After failing to keep up with the tempo of playing Fletcher pressures him verbally, mentally psychologically he then starts practicing more to be a great drummer.

Meeting the Goddess 
Meeting Nicole who works at a movie theater where he often goes with his dad.

Women as Temptress 
Andrew feels that he wont be able to spend time with Nicole and practice drums at the same time which is going to prevent him from achieving greatness that he aims for so he decides to break up with her.

Atonement with Father
To keep his place in the band as a core member and being able to impress Fletcher.

The ultimate boon 
Fletcher brings in another drummer in to play for the band the three drummer now has to compete with each other to be able to play at the second rounds of the live competition he asks all three drummer stay behind and ask them to keep playing the drum part for the whole night until one of them gets it right affecting them physically and mentally after a long session of playing drum Andrew finally manages to get the part correct and Fletcher allows him to play.

Refusal of return
The bus breaks down so he has to hire a car which causes him to be late the professor decides to give the part to another drummer but he insists on playing he also forgets his drumsticks at the car hiring place so he has to go back to get it.On the way back to the competition he gets into an accident still injured he gets to the competition but fails to play the drums properly Fletcher then expels him from Shaffer Conservatory of Music . 

Magic flight
After getting kicked out from Shaffer Conservatory of Music his dad hires a lawyer to help Fletcher get kicked out of Shaffer. 

Rescue from without
Few months later Andrew sees Fletcher performing at a jazz bar he tells him one of the student reported him and he had to leave Shaffer He talks about his new project and he is performing all the music that he wrote at Shaffer and needs someone who knows how to play drums  he asks Andrew to join his ensemble of professional band giving him another chance to play music.

Crossing the return threshold/ Master of two worlds /Freedom to live: 
On the Day of the performance Fletcher  introduces his new band to audience and right before they start playing he goes up to Andrew and tells him that he knew he was the one who reported him. Fletcher starts his set with a new song that Andrew has never played before forcing him to make a fool out of himself and end his career as a musician in front of the audience which consist of important members of the music society. Even after being cheated into playing the wrong song at the event he goes back on stage again and starts playing by himself and letting the band follow him and not letting Fletcher have the control. 

Fig 1 Movie Poster (Accessed 1/10/2015)
Fig 2 Movie Still (Accessed 1/10/2015)