Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thumbnails What if Metropolis?

For the first set of thumbnails i looked at different Fabergé Eggs to create buildings for the city. I mainly used really bright colours to create a metallic effect for the buildings. 

Influence Map What If Metropolis?

The artist that I got for this project Peter Carl Fabergé. Famous for creating the Imperial Eggs he was an artist-jeweller, goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court.  
I also looked at different egg shaped vehicle to sort of get an idea for creating the transport for my city.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

CG Artist Tool Kit

Bouncy Ball Exercise
Charcoal Morph Exercise

Diomira Low Angle Shot

Final 3 Concepts

Inerior Shot

                                                        Low Angle Shot
                                              Exterior established Shot

Diomira Exterior Shot

DVD Cover

Diomira Interior

Interior of Diomira' s crystal theatre. I decided to use a lot of reflections in this design not sure if its working or not ?