Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Invisible city OGR

Invisible Cities by SachinRai00

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  1. OGR 14/10/2014

    Hi Saichin,

    Firstly, I'm so sorry you've had to wait so long for my feedback. It's simply because your blog url wasn't in my named folder, and that's entirely my fault and not yours!

    I hope you've had a chance however to read the feedback I've left on some of your classmates' blogs, as lots of the general principles apply - principally, ensuring you're working with - not against - Calvino's descriptions, and ensuring that you're identifying a visual concept that arises logically from the city itself (as opposed to sticking on a separate idea).

    So - you've chosen the magical, romanticised city of Diomira, with all its silver and crystal and precious metals. I like the way you've looked at actual crystals as inspiration for the theatre, and I'm wondering if, in terms of further defining and refining your concept, you might think about looking at crystals and silver and metal as elements in terms of jewellery as inspiration for all those ornate domes and statues etc.

    For example, I immediately thought you might be interested in looking at Faberge eggs as a possible source of inspiration;

    You might also want to look at Lead Crystal objects - structure + that crystalline quality:[1].jpg

    You might also want to look at glass architecture in general, for a sense of how that crystal theatre might work; there was, for example, a very famous 'crystal palace' in London that burned down:



    The point about Diomira is that it's like a treasure trove of textures and glimmer - so I'd research jewellery, crystals and precious metals etc. to get some really strong, ornate forms to help you structure and design your city.

    Again - apologies for the delay - it won't happen again.