Tuesday, 28 April 2015

SlimeBots Pre-Viz


  1. Hey Sachin:

    Just a few observations:

    You've got different typefaces in your film: I assume the typeface formed by the particles in Maya cannot be changed, as it's part of the animation; if that is the case, then you need to use this typeface for your inter-titles too, otherwise it seems strange to have this variance of typeface.

    In terms of upping the pace - here's a general rule; when you have characters entering and exiting the frame between one camera shot and the next, don't leave the viewer looking at an empty composition; in simple terms, cut away from the character exiting the frame just before he completely leaves the shot, and then cut to the next scene with the character already entering the frame - in other words, cut out all the 'dead space' between the entering and the exiting - it will ensure your shots flow together more dynamically and the action doesn't feel so stilted.

    @ 1min 5 secs - it takes a long time for the three bacteria to become visible - and when we do see all of them, we quickly leave this shot; if you've got time, my suggestion would be to group the three bacteria much closer together, so they appear together in shot for longer.

  2. Hey Phil
    Thanks for the feedback. Ill change the typeface in the inter-titles to match the one from the animation. I will make all the suggested changes as well :)