Thursday, 4 February 2016

Adaptation Part A: Infographic Submission

Infographic How to Dance from Sachin Rai on Vimeo.


  1. I enjoyed watching your infographic Sachin, it made me laugh. I particularly like the ‘Dad dancing’ scene it’s well observed and has great humour. The ‘Moonwalking scene’ is very good too and a big improvement over the first version. However what’s most encouraging about your film is how much personality there is generally throughout - in your script, designs, and use of animation. The design of the character for example really helps to sell your film, he’s immediately appealing and fun to watch. I can see you’ve worked hard on this film too and are trying hard to improve your work. Again this is very encouraging.

    In terms of improvements I’d argue that there is a somewhat confused logic to the construction of your film. For example, there are different methods used to display the dance moves. Whilst I can see the logic in that decision some scenes work better than others. Generally speaking the scenes that work are the ones which incorporate the moves alongside the animation. Listing the moves separately before or after feels less dynamic and interrupts the flow of the film. There are animation issues too (alongside good animation) but we will discuss these in you tutorial – Well done.