Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Project Ideas

Minor project ideas:

Environment modelling:

  • I really enjoyed modelling environments on my last project. I used to make origami sculpture when i was in college So for my minor project one of my ideas is to model a room made out of origami style furniture. 
  • Model of a Recording studio
  • Camper van concept influenced by different genre of music and modelling.

Major Project Ideas

Game and Character Design

Game Objective

  • A time based obstacle running game about a band where the players can choose one of the characters either a Bass player, Guitar player, Drummer or a Singer and the main objective of the game is to reach the venue where they are performing and collect Coins, musical notes and different special abilities that are scattered around the world before the time runs out.
  • The game will have different stages and different location that the players need to get to for example recording studio , the gig , TV shows etc. As the game progresses the players will be able to upgrade different instruments and gain different abilities first they start with a small venue cheaper instruments.

Characters Style

  • Characters and their characteristics are based on their musical instrument I am also going to incorporate different types of genre into the characteristics of the character. 

Characters Special abilities

There will be different types of coins in the game that the players need to collect to complete the game.
  • Tempo coins : These coins will be scattered all around the world it allows the players to change the speed of the game (Slow Motion or Super speed)
  • Solo Boost: where the players are Invincible for about 10 sec.
  • Musical Notes Coin: The players will have to collects the coins to buy and upgrade different abilities and instruments.


  • Mobile/ tablet game

Final outcome of the Project

  • Character Concepts 3D modeled and Rigged character 
  • Animated trailer for a game showing the characters the game play and some of the abilities that can be used in the game.


Flat character design : I am going to use illustrator to create the concept for the characters and then model the characters and the environment in Maya.
Flat environment Design

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  1. Hey Sachin - just a few pointers from yesterday's tutorial:

    Recuperation (I.e. the way that avant-garde modernist ideas about music might have been absorbed into mainstream composing for film music etc).


    (see if the library can get these for you).