Thursday, 13 October 2016

Second Character Concept Art

Concept Art For my second character. I wanted this character to look fit and healthier than the other character.

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  1. So,

    Consider a 'meta-infographic' in which the tropes, expectations and visual language of your 'Healthy Eating' infographic are challenged, critiqued and satirised. Good examples of 'meta-animations' are Duck Amuck:

    and 'Manipulation'

    Maybe you can create a conflict between the narrator himself/herself, who is 'pro-healthy eating' and a bit fascist and who wants their world view to be taken seriously, while the characters on screen are misbehaving or challenging their stereotype - so the 'unhealthy guy' having more fun and a nicer life because they are less uptight/more relaxed etc.

    To stop this being 'boring' I think you need to critique 'infographics' and the 'healthy eating' brigade...