Thursday, 20 November 2014

OGR Online Green Light Review What IF Metropolis?-2

Online Green Light Review

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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Saichin,

    Okay - I like your colour palette - very 'gold leaf', but I think some accent colour would make it pop - so some rich old red perhaps? For courage in terms of introducing bold accent colours, you might want to check out this resource:

    I think there is an issue with your composition - mostly because, essentially we're looking at a big empty space surrounded by interesting things - there's no foreground, no real mid ground, and a lot of stuff in the background. I think you need to break that formula and think a bit more like the King Kong film - i.e. to make an immersive scene, you make sure you've got an element in the foreground, and element in the midground and interest in the background. I think it would help if you lowered the viewpoint and put us looking up at the foundry, so we get a sense of the scale of this industrial place.

    I'm not sure exactly about the background - with those vertical pillars? Are we inside a bigger space or environment? I think you could do more with that matte painting - i.e. showing us a bit more of the city beyond the industrial sector?

    I'd suggest too that you could consider putting a bit more complexity into your various designs; you've got a lot of egg-shapes (obviously!) but it would be good to see some additions, especially around the factory areas - and some detailing; for example, not all your eggs need to be completely smooth, or indeed completely whole - isn't it true that faberge eggs often had holes, compartments and things inside them?

    The big thing is to explore some more immersive compositions; if it would help, why not work in Maya to create some basic shapes that relate to your key assets, and put a camera in the scene and get some ideas for more interesting perspectives?