Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Online Green light review-2

Project -2 Ogr What if Metropolis

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  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Morning Saichin,

    I enjoyed your travelogue, and it's clear from your description that there are a number of elements that you might now explore in more detail in terms of designing your 'key assets' - i.e. the buildings and components (blimps?) that you're going to take forward into production art in readiness for modelling in Maya.

    The 'Golden Gate' for example - here you have an obvious framing device; the gate as your detailed model, the mid ground as a digital set, and the rest of the city as a matte painting.

    However, more interestingly for me was the idea of the factory in your city - the place where all the previous metals and stones are processed to keep the city in all its glory. The factory starts to sound like a key building in your world, and in terms of design, it's interesting, as you'd have to look at industrial buildings alongside the design features of Faberge to create a unique looking building; for example:

    By focusing on the factory, I think you could move away a bit more from just showing 'egg-shaped' buildings too - and you could think about a night-time scene too, because there would be great opportunities for dramatic lighting - as the smelting factory/forge works day and night to create all the materials for the city to keep expanding. I'm not suggesting you don't utilise the egg shapes, I'm just suggesting that the factory gives you some really interesting opportunities to design more unique/quirky structures. You might want to think about those blimps too - perhaps they deliver all the jewels to the factory by air? Maybe there's a mast at the top of the factory where the blimps are tethered while the off-load their cargo?

    Maybe your factory is part this:




    So, the important thing is to move past just drawing and re-drawing eggs-as-buildings - and I think your factory is a great place to start in terms of taking your digital set project to the next level!