Sunday, 1 February 2015

Character Design Rat

I want my character to look kind of dumb because in my story he keeps failing to do steal the eggs I think no 14 works well 

I also designed some characters in action to see how it will look 

Rat wearing a helmet 


  1. I think you're going in the right direction with that helmet! If you look at hockey helmets or crash dummy helmets they're often related with characters that "take a fall" too much or walk into things by accident often and have to have some sort of protection.

    You could play with the size of it too, or with how it fits. If it's too big and slides around everywhere it would be a much more prominent feature of the character. Whereas if you make it VERY tight fitting to the point where it's squeezing him a little it would be more comical.

    1. Hi Ella
      Thanks for the feedback :) I really like the idea of changing the size of the helmet I'll look into different types of helmet and experiment with the characters :)