Friday, 8 January 2016

Adaptation Part A: Infographic Ideas

We had a to draw a random piece of paper with the sentence from the blue box.The sentence that I got form my random pick was:
How to __________ the right way.
My ideas for the animated info graphs are:
1.  drive in motorway the right way
2. set up a blog the right way
3.  take picture the right way
4  fight crime the right way
5  be a superhero the right way
6  a warlord the right way
7 free style rap battle the right way
8 be a reality TV star
9 resolve a conflict
10 dance while drunk the right way
11 handle rejection the right way
12 be a drummer in a funk band
13 front man of the 80's glam rock
14 dance your way out of awkward situation

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