Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Film Review La Jetée


  1. Hi Saichin.

    I don't think your pictures serve much of a purpose. Try to incorporate them and talk about their relevance in the text. This is also the case for the quotes you have included. Make a statement, then say "This can be back up in .......'s review, who says...".

  2. Also, it doesn't need to be in a scribd document, Saichin. :)

  3. Hi Sachin,
    Yes, I agree with Dan here - you need to introduce both your images and quotes, rather than just dropping them in. So for example, you can say something like '...as shown in fig.2'
    Also try to make sure that your own comments are not too similarly worded to the quotes you choose, otherwise you just end up repeating the same thing again.

  4. ... but, I'm very pleased to see this on here, Sachin - take the feedback on board and take the knowledge and experience into the next review - I know you're anxious about these, so well done and keep them coming :)