Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ideas for the scripts

Ideas for the story
Character- Burglar
Prop- catapult
Environment- Farm yard
After i got the character,props and the environment my first idea was to write a comedy story.
These are some of the ideas :
Idea 1 Comedy - Burglar trying to escape after stealing stuffs from farm but the only way he can escape is by using a catapult.
Idea 2 : Set in a village a burglar breaks into a farmyard. The Farm yard is surrounded by huge Fence and the Burglar tries to steal the farm animals by throwing them over the fence using a catapult.
I also had a chat with Vlad and he suggested that may be the burglar can be an animal like fox stealing stealing chicken eggs from the farmyard which helped be come up with a third idea.
Idea no 3: The Fox and the disappearing Chicken eggs
In a country side a farmer lives with his family. Every morning the farmer wakes up goes up to his chicken coop with his wife to get the eggs for their breakfast. And every morning when he opens the chicken coop there are plenty of eggs ready for him to take. But every night the cunning fox keeps stealing the eggs. few weeks later he realises that the number of eggs laid by the chicken are decreasing every week so he thinks that the chicken is getting old and buys a new chicken thinking he is gonna have more eggs. The fox returns in the night to steal more eggs and finds the new eggs since the eggs are fresh and from the new chicken he cannot control himself and he ends up eating all the eggs. The next morning he wakes up excited to see the work of his new chicken so he walks up to the coop to get the eggs but to his surprise he finds out that not even a single egg has been laid frustrated he starts looking around the area and finds eggs shells at the corner he also finds fox hair near the shell he suspects that a fox might be breaking into the coop so he builds a fence to keep the fox away from his chicken. In the night the fox returns to feed in some more eggs seeing his dinner protected by a huge fence. He tries breaking in but all his efforts goes to west. So he thinks for a while and comes up with a brilliant plan he builds a catapult to launch him into the farm. After couple of hours if hard work He manages to get into the farm and as soon as he gets in he starts eating the eggs he feeds on it like its his first time eating eggs on his entire life. After finishing his dinner and having a rest the fox decides to leave he gets out if the chicken. Coop he suddenly remembers about the fence he starts panicking he tries to get out of the fence but he fails at everything he tries after hours of trying he starts to get tired and falls asleep. The next morning the farmer wakes up and goes to the to collect the eggs with his wife when he gets there he finds all of his chicken eggs missing he looks around and finds out the fox passed out near the fence. The farmer gets his shotgun out ( bad-ass farmer mode on) then he looks at his wife and says looks like my darling is getting a new fur coat and shoots the fox .....

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  1. The third idea I like the sound of, even with that brutal ending.