Sunday, 18 January 2015

More ideas

More ideas for the scripts
Character: Burglar
Prop: Catapult

Environment: Farmyard
So for the next set of story I wanted to try something different may be a crime story. On the last I was created a world inspired by the artist Fabergé who made sculpture using various precious metals I wanted to take some of the influences from the last project so I thought maybe the Catapult can be a sculpture made by a famous artist its made with the most expensive metals on earth and kept in a museum with security.
These are the others ideas that I came up with
Idea no 1: The written crime
A writer is writing a crime fantasy about a burglar stealing a the catapult from the museum. He starts with coming up with the plan to. Break into the museum. He goes to the museum where the golden catapult is kept to get inpriration for his story. He wonders around looking at the security around the museum. He starts thinking about lots of different plans and comes up with a brilliant plan he figures out how to get in and the escape route as well. He starts getting really excited about his idea the more he thinks about it and write about it the more he feels like its a crime he would be able to commit and get away with he feels like its the perfect plan. So he decides to do it he gets together a bunch of other burglar to commit the crime he also tries to find the safe place he picks an abandoned farm farmyard for the safe place. They manage to steal the catapult from the museum they are followed to the farmyard by the police they are sorrounden by the cops after they disappear into the farm. So the question is what happens in the farm yard do they get away with ?
Following the question from the first idea I came up with another idea
Idea no 2 : Abandoned Farm yard
It starts with the news about a group of burglar stealing the golden catapult and disapering with out a trace where did they go and what happens to the golden catapult. Slowly years pass by and years turns into decade but still no sign of the catapult burglar. Soon the invistagation is slowed down coming to a total stop until the year 2030 when a wealthy business man buys an abandoned farm yard located few 100 miles from the musuem to build a factory. After he buys the farm he gets a bulding crew in starts to take apart the farm they starts digging holes in the ground. On one day when the diggers are digging the hole they spot a really old object in like a treasure chest. They decide to break the chest when they open the chest they see a shinny object closer inspection they notice that it's the famous golden catapult. Everyone is amazed by the beauty of the sculpture How did it end up there they also finds a book stuck at the bottom of the chest it appears to be a journal from one of the burglar. Is the case of the catapult burglar finally getting solved does the journal contain all the answer to the questions??


  1. I like the idea of the first one, but maybe the writing is writing about like the museum and while he is visiting it, the burglars break in and steal the catapult.

    Or I got the sense that maybe the Burglars use a catapult to fling them selves into buildings, so they can steal things? Just another thought

  2. Hi Saichin :)

    For me - a simple idea executed brilliantly is the answer to the 'one minute story' challenge. I think Vlad's instincts are good - i.e. that you make this an animal story; certainly, the idea of a fox trying to outwit a chicken in order to steal either a) the chicken or b) the egg has loads of animation potential; a fox would be more interested in eating a chicken, but maybe a rat would be interested in just her eggs... to me this sounds like the perfect set up for an old-school Tom & Jerry or Roadrunner-style narrative, in which a rat is outwitted by a chicken over and over again, with the rat's plans becoming more and more elaborate; for inspiration look at these classics!