Monday, 2 March 2015

Original Sound Files

Above is the List of sounds that i recorded.
No 1 Bell Sound
(I used this sound for the second image.)

No 2 Blop Sound Shampoo - I wanted a sound that sounded like an object travelling through a thick liquid such as jelly or jam. So to get this effect first I used a water bottle with half filled water but the sound that I got wasn't thick enough so I used a Shampoo bottle instead which gave a much thicker sound.
I used this Sound for the third image.
NO 3 Blop Sound - This was another liquid sound that I made using a shampoo just to get clearer sound. (I Used this sound for the third image)

No 4 Crisps - I wanted a sound that represents a freezing effect to get this effect I used a packet of crisp and squeezed it with my hand to get a crackling sound. ( I used this image for the second sound)

No 5 Drum- I wanted a exploding sound. (I used this sound for the Second image)

No 6 Egg Shells - I recorded sound by crushing egg shells with my hand.

No 7 KeyBoard-  I used a a computer keyboard to get this sound I wanted a sound that represented a crawling sound. ( I used this sound for my first image)

No 8 Packet - Sound recorded using a packet of crisps

No 9 Radiator - I wanted something that sounded like a cricked so I ran a pen through a radiator to get the effect. ( I used this for image 1)

No 10 Stir fry - I recorded this sound while i was cooking stir fry cause it created nice background noises. ( i used this sound for the first image)

No 11 Vacuum cleaner -  I wanted a similar sound from the stir fry but with different tone so I recorded a sound produced by a  vacuum cleaner. ( I used this for the third image)

No 12 Microwave - I recorded the this sound for the beeping sound and a buzzing sound. ( I used this sound for the second image)

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