Wednesday, 11 March 2015

@ Phil Character Update


  1. okay - the only thing I'd say is that you should go for an unbroken line between the body of the slug and its eye-stalks - right now you've got those 'lumps' on either side of the eyestalks inside the helmet and it's interrupting the natural line of the body into the eyes - likewise, you've got a 'thickness' between the eyestalks inside the helmet - it makes it look as if the eyestalks are sitting on some kind of additional base. I think it would look cuter if the body and the eyes have an uninterrupted profile and the the helmet just sits on top (so get rid of the lumps and the additional thickness between the eyestalks). Also - by my reckoning, the antennae on top is too big - just shrink by half, so it's more balanced overall (hope this feedback makes sense!).

    1. Hi Phill thanks for the feedback i can see what you mean ill work on it :)