Wednesday, 11 March 2015

@Phil Updated Story

Life cycle of a slime mold Sci-fi theme
Starts with the camera focused on one of the capsule flying through the air. Then the camera zooms out showing a fleet of capsule flying next to it similar a lots of military jets on a mission. The camera goes back to the first capsule showing the capsule landing. The capsules door opens and the slime mold characters comes out of the capsule. A speech bubble appears on the screen " Mission = to eradicate all the debris and bacteria from the slime world" . then the sliimey mold character starts to go around the world destroying the bacterias. Once the mission is cleared all the slime mold characters are called back to their base which is going to be a sporangia. Once they get back to their base they are briefed on another mission to eradicate bacteria's in another part of the world they all gets into their capsule and leaves the base again. The End


  1. Hi Sachin,

    The only thing is that the slime moods create the sporangia themselves don't they - they form a fruiting body, and this idea suggests the sporangia is something that pre-exists them. All you need to is how how they come together to create this bigger, co-operative structure - a bit like this (@ 1 min approx).

    In broad terms the whole sci-fi plus mission briefing thing is a good idea - you might want to think about the means of getting more information on screen in terms of Heads-Up Displays or addition mission briefings.

    1. Hi Phil Thanks For the Feed back.
      For the sporangia bit I was thinking that all the characters will have like a vacuum bag attached to their suit so when the kills the bacteria they suck the remains of it using the vacuum and once they are done with it they come together and release the vacuum at one place and the sporangia slowly starts forming.
      or the other idea I have is to have them morph together like the one they do in power rangers to form the sporangia.