Monday, 2 March 2015

Soundscape Edited Sounds.

Edited Version of all the sounds. I first started by using the time and stretch effect on the bell sound i slowed the sound down until i was only able to hear the first ring. Then i added echo to the sound. The second sound was made using a a packet of crisps I wanted it to give an impression of a circular movement I achieved this sound using flanger effect i also reversed the sound once I applied the effect. The next sound that I edited was from the drums I wanted to create an explosion and I add echo effect to create the loudness and the empty space in the sound I also used EQ to tone down the treble and mid of the sound to make it more of a thump sound rather than the tingy sound that it had on the original. The next sound that I edited was of the egg shell I was originally going to use the sound for the crawling sound of the creepy bugs on the first image but instead it sounded more like chewing sound I added echo on the sound to make it song like there was a large number of creepy bugs feeding. The next sound war recorded using a computer keyboard to make it sound like the bugs were running. I used the rest of the sounds to create the background noises for my three image. I used effects such as delay, time and stretch, Flanger to create the inner body and outer space sound effects. I also used a reverse effect on the vacuum sound to match it with my composition.

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